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Full Intro: Julian Knighten

Introducing... Julian Knighten

Hi, I've done theater since I was in high school, those many years ago. I've done a great deal more while attending El Centro College, and in fact, two of the plays I was in was written by me.

I prefer to do film, but stage gives such a rush and excitement, and I really just love it all.

I would love to do musical theatre, though I've had no formal training, and I'm not entirely sure what my vocal range is, but if the responses I get from karaoke, when I actually do a good job, account for anything...I'm really great at it.

I can't say there's any particular roles I'm interested in, other than, I'm one of the weird ones that prefer supporting characters. I've always found them much more interesting.

Also, I would love to meet others in the game. If you have any other questions, by all means, ask away!

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