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Full Intro: emily stahl

Introducing... emily stahl

First off, I would like to point out that I am MADLY IN LOVE with theatre. It is truly my passion. However, I know how difficult it is going to be to get to where I want to be; accomplished. I am a very determined person and I feel that will help me in the long run. But, I am also a little lost as far as what exactly I need to do to put myself out there in order to fulfill my dreams. Of course I feel that my talent will get me SOMEWHERE. But, I know it goes a lot deeper than all of that.

Ok, now I'm rambling...blah, blah, blah...

Lets continue with the arrogant descriptions, shall we?

I am 5'5 with green eyes and dark brown hair. I am an actor, singer, and a dancer? (I have rhythm...just no training) I'm a Pisces, I enjoy long walks on the beach and...ok enough of that...


My school is active in traveling drama tournaments around my state and I have gained some rather respected awards from these. They include:

Both 2nd and 3rd Place Poetry Interpretation
2nd Place Group Improvisation
3rd Place Duet Musical at the State Thespian Festival in January 2009
2nd Place in the state for Poetry Interpretation

I have also been a part of several plays at my school and I plan on branching out to community theatre VERY soon.

As far as where I plan on going with my life...I plan on attending an out-of-state college with a FANTASTIC performing arts program. I also plan on at least TRYING to make it on Broadway some day. Shooting for the moon? I know. But hey, a girl can dream :)

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