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  • Musical Theater-Like a Family
    Posted: July 28, 2008 3:09 PM

    Father- Director, always knows what to do, and hates to admit when they don't. Directors are usually intelligent hard workers, and jacks of all trades. bottom line? they have the authority.

    Mother- Stage Manager, keeps everyone organized and filled in. Often slyly gives advice to the director on how things should be done.

    Older Brother- Lead Male, bossy, and "stuck up", often thinks of himself as the absolute best. Feels entitled to everything. Thinks he's hott. Picks on younger kids.

    Older Sister- Lead Female, Usually kind and nurturing until she feels threatened or annoyed by the little sisters. Usually has good ideas that the Older Brother turns down in favor of his own.

    Little Brothers- Backstage and Lighting crew, smarter than older brother. Kind of quiet and tries to stay out of the way. usually kind of quirky.

    Little Sisters- Chorus (sorry guys), usually in the way of the older brother. tries to be helpful, and usually ends up carrying the rest of the show. wants to be like older sister, and tends to follow her around.

    Aunt- Choreographer, bossy, nosy, but usually for a decent reason. the choreographer loves being in charge, and hates input, but what can she say? there's a reason she's close to the director.

    Uncle- Set builder, skilled, funny, kinda cooky sometimes. Many times the bud of the little brothers' jokes

    if you want to hear about more members of the family let me know. all in all this is just a joke, many times the members of a cast are nothing like what their stereotypes say.

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Musical Theater-Like a Family

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