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Photos: Kate Pentek

"Noises Off" 2010 as Brooke/Vicki

Recording May 2012

Fantine in Les Mis 2010

Zombie for fun at Kean May 2012

Lady Macbeth (Goth version) 2009

South Pacific Sept 2011

Model swimwear Aug 2011

Sue Smith "No, No Nanette" 2009 after dance number

MCC Dance Show Dec 2010

Singing and Dancing at Pearle Studios, NYC, performing arts camp July 2009

Mrs. Potiphar dance July 2009

Les Mis, Fantine, 2010

Christmas Carol Dec. 2011

Susan (NJ Perry nominated) in 'Sniper' 2011

Via Galatica 2012

Runway in NYC Oct. 2011

Photoshoot 2010

Black wig 90s look, 2011

Blonde wig, "Marilyn" 2009



Fearless Icon Competition 2014 (won title!)

Original version of HAIR, Sheila Franklin 2014

Doubt Sister Aloysius

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