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document Can I send you a quiz to post on StageAgent?
Absolutely! Just send us the questions, answers and your recommended difficulty level. We will review it and let you know once it is on the site.
23 Apr, 2009 Comments: 0
document Creating a Nickname & Posting on the Forums
While guests are welcome to view the discussions in the StageAgent Forums, you must register for a StageAgent account in order to actively...
05 Oct, 2008 Comments: 0
document I'm looking for a particular album/score. Can you help?
Hopefully! Typically the best way to find albums/scores for a particular show is to click on a StageAgent show page and see what links we have...
23 Apr, 2009 Comments: 0
document How Do I Exchange Links with StageAgent or Add my Website to the StageAgent Directory?
We love helping out other good performing arts-related websites! Before contacting StageAgent about exchanging links, make sure that you have...
27 Apr, 2009 Comments: 0
document 1-Minute Theatre Games
Advertisement: The team must advertise an imaginary product. The advertisement can be a song, a short scene or anything, but must sell the...
27 Apr, 2009 Comments: 0