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document Why Create a StageAgent Profile?
Your StageAgent profile is a great way to organize and help launch your performing arts career.   With your StageAgent page, you can...
13 Aug, 2009 Comments: 0
document What is StageAgent Pro & How Do I Upgrade?
Sorry! We are temporarily not accepting new Pro members while we work on some big enhancements. Please check back this summer. Current benefits...
19 Mar, 2014 Comments: 0
document Help! I'm not able to activate my account.
After registering for an account on StageAgent, you should receive an e-mail with a link for you to activate your account. You must activate your...
29 Jul, 2008 Comments: 0
document Use StageAgent to Cast Your Play, Musical, Movie or TV Show
Are you casting a theatrical performance, movie or TV show? Whether your production is professional or amateur, StageAgent is a great way to find...
27 Apr, 2009 Comments: 0
document How Do I Change My Credit Card Information For My Pro Account?
We are currently working on some big improvements for StageAgent Pro. Please check back this summer!
19 Mar, 2014 Comments: 0
document Sending An Applause
What happens when I ‘send an applause’ to a friend on StageAgent? Sending an applause on StageAgent is a way to virtually ‘tip...
22 May, 2008 Comments: 0
document Tip on Promoting Your StageAgent Page
You have created your beautiful StageAgent page – congratulations!   But how do you make it easier for your adoring fans to find...
31 Jul, 2009 Comments: 0
document How Can I Hide or Delete My Profile?
If you do not want anyone to be able to view your profile, you can either hide or delete your profile completely.  When in doubt, we highly...
27 Apr, 2009 Comments: 0
document How do I cancel my StageAgent Pro membership?
To cancel your StageAgent Pro membership: Sign in to your account Go to the Membership Info page:...
24 Nov, 2009 Comments: 0
document Does StageAgent display my age to the public?
By default, your exact age is not displayed on your StageAgent profile.  On your profile, only your age range is displayed. StageAgent...
27 Apr, 2009 Comments: 0