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Performing your Audition Song

Your audition begins the moment you are first seen by the audition audience.  Walk slowly with good posture over to the accompanist and present him with your music.  Calmly explain any special instructions to the accompanist.  Ask him not to start until you nod to him. 

Introduce yourself to the audience with your name and a well-planned thought such as “Hello, my name is Julie.  I am very happy to have the chance to perform for you this evening”.   Your introduction is your chance to show off your speaking voice.

Announce the song you will perform and state the name of the show it comes from.  Close your eyes, block out members of the audience and concentrate.  Imagine both the situation confronting your character and the first note your are about to sing.  When you are ready, nod to the accompanist and begin.

A song is always addressed to someone.  Establish the location of the imaginary person but do not use a member of the audience as your imaginary person.  Do not ‘stage’ your audition song.  Remain in position and let the lyrics express your goal.  If the director stops you during your song, treat it as the planned ending of your performance. Use it as an opportunity to show the casting director your adaptability.  At the end of your song go into a freeze and remain in character for three seconds.  Bow and thank your audience.