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More Warm Up Games

Yes-Yes Tag!

Tag is fundamentally the most dramatic of all games and is played in almost every culture of the world. Pursuit & Escape > Basic Human Activities. (Cops & Robbers, Hide & Seek) When the structure of all drama is boiled down, fundamentally, only the game of tag remains. Play Tag! Every kid knows how to play. One person it, with one Free/Home Space.

Try these alternatives: Freeze Tag - If tagged, you stay frozen until someone else tags you. Monster Tag - Like regular tag, except person who is it has to be a monster. Jazz Tag - Where all participants have to play Tag while moving as Interpretive Jazz Dancers - VERY FUNNY!

Also, you can add to all of these by yelling out Slow (for slow motion), Reg, or Fast (for fast motion)! (or maybe a different style you or your students may know)

Shark Attack

A great fun game that is exciting and great to use at the end of the day or as a middle of the session break. This game is played with all your students as the swimmers and you as the 1st shark.

The Rules

What you need is some sections of old newspaper that are the big double sections. Strategically place them around the room. These are your islands and the rest of the floor space is the water. The object of the game is for the shark (you) to catch swimmers who are not COMPLETELY on the paper island. Tell the swimmers to swim around the room, when you yell out "SHARK ATTACK" they must get onto an island. Even if a half inch of their shoe is on the bare floor, they get eaten and are out! Sounds simple enough! Except for the fact that after each round, the lead shark will rip a piece of the island off so the islands slowly become smaller. This continues until all the swimmers have been eaten. You may or may not use the people that you kill as extra sharks. The space will help you decide this. You may want to just use one or two extras at a time. Watch out for this one, they will want to play it every day!

Freeze Frame

1. Have three students get up on stage and begin an improvisation, (you may give them the situation if necessary).

2. When another class mate yells "Freeze!", the players stop in their exact postion. The student then goes up to one of the players, taps him on the shoulder which dismisses him, and then takes his place.

3. The person who just stepped into the improvisation must now come up with a new improvisation which the other players will have to work off.

4. If the students need help getting things going, you may want to yell "Freeze!" the first few times and send a students into the game. This is often the most fun when you wait until the players are in odd positions.

Emotion Party

Explanation: The host of a party and the guests acquire the emotional state of whoever enters the party.

How to Play: One person begins, as the host, with a neutral emotion. The first guest knocks or rings the bell (saying "knock-knock" or "ding-dong"), and enters in highly charged emotional state. Emotions that work well with this exercise include, excitement, fear, anger, jealousy, joy, sadness, etc. As soon as the host picks up on the emotion, she "catches" it, and interacts with the guest. The next guest enters with a different emotion, and the host and guest "catch" it. Things get more chaotic as more guests enter, as each new guest causes a different emotion to permeate the party. Once the first guest has entered, the participants can interact with different people until they notice a change in the emotion, and then they must adapt that emotion. The participants should not watch the new guests for the emotional state, rather, they should let the emotion "travel" to them as it will. To make things really tricky, two guests could enter at the same time with different emotions. The participants will be really wired after this game, so plan accordingly to use that energy.