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Can you explain to me how the StageAgent character descriptions work?

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Posted: 01 Apr, 2007
by: Admin A.
Updated: 31 Mar, 2008
by: Admin A.

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Over the years we have added more than 10,000 character descriptions to StageAgent (and growing). 
Typically, we provide the following information for each character:
1.    1-3 sentence description
2.    Role size
3.    Age range
4.    Gender
5.    Voice part
6.    Dance level
We gather information on characters from the following sources:
1.    Attending shows
2.    Performing in shows
3.    The library
4.    Audition notices
5.    Researching the Web
6.    Users like YOU*
*If you have knowledge of a show or character that either does not exist on StageAgent or is inaccurate we humbly request that you email us with the missing information. We strive to maintain the most detailed, accurate character database on the web. But we can’t do it without your help! Please see our Submission Procedures if you would like to help.
**Disclaimer: Theatre is an art form as opposed to a science. Character requirements can be interpreted in different ways. For example, a professional production might require that a particular character perform intense dancing.  Meanwhile, a school production might eliminate the dancing requirement for that same character.  Nevertheless, the goal of the StageAgent character descriptions is to provide the most commonly used descriptions/interpretations of characters. Please note, however, that the only way to guarantee that you have the accurate requirements for the character in the production you will be auditioning for is to receive the information from the director himself.
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