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How Do I Tag My Profile to a Performing Arts Organization?

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Posted: 15 Oct, 2008
by: Admin A.
Updated: 15 Oct, 2008
by: Admin A.

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Tagging your profile to an organization is a great way to display your affiliation with a theatre group.   If you have ever performed with a theatre group, make sure you are a member of that organization’s StageAgent ‘cast’!

To include your profile in an organization’s cast list:

1)    Sign-in to your StageAgent account

2)    Click on the ‘Organizations’ link

3)    In the text box under ‘Tag to an Existing Organization’ type in the name of a performing arts group you are affiliated with, select the appropriate choice and press ‘update’.   Make sure to list all the organizations you have performed with.

4)    After you tag yourself to an organization, your profile will appear on that organization’s StageAgent page and a link to that organization’s StageAgent page will appear on your public profile. You can remove the tag at anytime.
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