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Opening & Ending a Monologue

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Posted: 27 Apr, 2009
by: Admin A.
Updated: 27 Apr, 2009
by: Admin A.

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Opening Your Monologue:

1)    Walk in slowly with a sense of purpose. Do not rush in nervously.

2)    Find the center of the stage and remain silent for a moment.

3)    Speak to the artistic staff as yourself.  Say ‘hello’ and introduce yourself.  Have a brief prepared joke or other statement.  Remember – the artistic staff is not just casting a character.  They are also deciding on the person whom they want to spend hundreds of hours working with.

4)    Introduce your character and communicate the problem confronting your character.

5)    Concentrate and take a moment to get into character.  Briefly close your eyes, bow your head or turn your back before starting your monologue.

Ending Your Monologue:

1)    Take a three second freeze after the end of your monologue

2)    Do not expect much of a reaction from artistic staff.  Part of their job is to not tip their hand one way or another as to how they feel about your performance until after they have conferred with each other.

3)    Do not show any sign of dissatisfaction if you are not happy with your performance.  Make no disappointed facial gestures or verbal apology.

4)    Always assume your monologue has been a hit with your audience.  Smile enthusiastically when you say ‘thank you’.

5)    Exit the same way that you entered and walk slowly and proudly.
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