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How can I financially support StageAgent?

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Posted: 21 Mar, 2007
by: Admin A.
Updated: 23 Mar, 2007
by: Admin A.

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Financially supporting StageAgent allows us to continue improving the services we offer to the performing arts community.   Maintaining and growing takes a great deal of time and expense and we appreciate contributions of any size to help cover maintenance and development costs.  And best of all, we aren't asking you for a dime (directly)!

We simply encourage you to purchase theatre products at the StageAgent Theatre Shop (in association with and StageAgent-branded apparel at our Café Press Store.

StageAgent has also made revenue sharing arrangements with the following merchants.   Make sure to  click on one of the following links before shopping on these sites.  Each time you use these links to make a purchase a small amount (3 - 7% depending on the item) will go towards maintaining StageAgent.

  1. – Buy just about anything on the Web’s largest shopping site.
  2. Sheetmusicplus – A great site for broadway and classical sheet music.
  3. MusicNotes – Download digital Broadway sheetmusic!
  4. iTunes – Download all your favorite Broadway & classical songs!
  5. eMusic – 25 free downloads!
  6. Perfume Emporium – Smell great for that audition (or special someone).
  7. SkinStore - Quality skin, hair and nail care products at competitive prices.
  8. – Need shoes for an audition?
  9. Real Networks – Download music legally with Rhapsody
  10. BMG Music Service – Get 12 CDs for the price of 1!
  11. eHarmony – Need a date to the show?
  12. StrawberryNET – Skincare, cosmetics & fragrances
  13. All About Dance – Everything a dancer needs!
  14. Napster – Download all your favorite show tunes.
  15. – Who doesn’t need a great pair of shoes?



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