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How Do I Post my Audition to StageAgent?

Make sure talented people find out about our casting call by posting your auditions on StageAgent.  Posting an audition on StageAgent is easy and free!

To post an audition:

1)    Sign-in to your StageAgent account.  (Or click here to create your free membership).

2)    Click on ‘Find an Audition’

3)    Click on the ‘Post an Audition’ tab and fill out the form.

4)    While not required, you will likely want to link the audition to your organization’s StageAgent page and the venue’s StageAgent page.  If your organization and venue do not already have StageAgent pages, click here to learn how to add them to StageAgent.

5)    *Note: in the Audition Details section, make sure to include as much information as possible including contact information.

6)    After posting, you may edit your posting at anytime by clicking the 'Edit this listing' button on the audition's StageAgent page.