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Warm Up Games

If You Love Me: The goal of this game is to make others players 'crack'. The players whose turn it is approaches another player and says "If you really loved me, you'd smile." That player must answer "I really love you, but I just can't smile." while keeping a straight face. Pulling faces, sitting on laps etc. is allowed in order to get someone to crack.

Object A: fast-paced game for any number. An ordinary object is placed in the centre of the room. Players either take turns or jump in as they wish. The idea is to act a short (5 second!) scene in which the object is endowed as something other than what it is. For example, if the object used is a shoe, then someone might hold it to their ear and use it as a telephone, someone else might mime ironing their clothes and so on.

Slow Motion Race
: A warmup game for an individual team. The team has a race over a short distance - each person moving in the slowest slow motion they can while still trying to actually win the race. A good physical warmup.

Twenty One
: A good group warmup. The idea is to count to 21 as a group. No turns are taken, instead anyone can yell out the next number (from 1 to 21). If a number is skipped or if two people yell the same number at the same time, then you must start again from 1. It's a great feeling for the group when you finally hit 21!

What Are You Doing
: A good warmup for your imagination. The group forms a circle. Someone begins by miming simple action. The next person (clockwise or anti-clockwise) asks "What are you doing?" The person miming then answers with an action other than that which they are miming. The new person takes this action and the game continues round the circle. For example, if Bill mimes eating popcorn and is asked "What are you doing? " he might answer "Riding a bicycle" The person who asked the question would then mime riding a bicycle, and so on.