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Full Intro: KT Pierce

Introducing... KT Pierce

Howdy! I am an actor, comedian, philosopher, vocalist, writer, and a nerd. I spent around 10 years traveling the country, experiencing life out of my car, a greyhound bus, or hitch-hiking. I have been the lead vocalist of a 20-piece jazz orchestra; I've shared drinks with Conan O'Brien at a private party; I've lived in LA, NYC, Seattle, ATL, etc.; I've experienced so much all while homeless and dealing with late stage Lyme Disease. I'm a bulldozer, but I'm definitely not bull-headed. Just love experiencing life to the fullest. I want to lie on my death bed, looking back at a work of art.

I have participated in many plays (beginning at age 4), have zero stage fright, and tend to lose myself in characters. I have never had the opportunity to make a career out of theater while I've been roaming around, trying to understand more about life, sociology, psychology, multiple perceptions, and culture through my travels.

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