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Resume: lori grbac
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lori grbac

Height – 5 feet 4 inches / 163 cm

Hair – Blonde

Eyes – Hazel

Body Type – Athletic

Ethnicity – White/Caucasian


Singing – Singing in the Shower

Languages – American English

This Just Inn (2006)
Role: Scoop Jackson
Director: Sara Noah
Organization: Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church
I'll Be Home for Christmas (2006)
Role: Angie
Director: Sara Noah
Organization: Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church
(Oct 2009)
Role: Wife
Director: Mark Lann
Organization: Doctors Clinic for Men
International Spy Products (Sep 2009)
Role: Wife/Mom
Director: Mike Bruining
Organization: Comcast Spotlight
Skinny Fat (May 2009)
Role: Clincian
Director: Andy Bydalek
Organization: Abstrakt Productions
(Oct 2009)
Role: Wife
Director: Philip Pavliger
Organization: Paypal - Holiday
(Sep 2009)
Role: Office Worker
Director: Michael Mahany Photography
Organization: Shoretel Print Ad
Print Ad (Jun 2009)
Role: Camping Mom
Director: Christopher Gordaneer Photography
Organization: Polaris
Weight Watchers Kids Cookbook (Feb 2009)
Role: Mom
Director: James Baigrie Photography
Kymaro Bust Up Cup Informercial (Jan 2009)
Role: Principle Panel
Director: Dan Dunn
Organization: Dunn Advertising
Premier New Homes TV (2008)
Role: Host
Director: Robert Curran
Organization: Bam Bam Productions
(Oct 2009)
Role: Wife/Mom
Director: Eric Escobar
Organization: Sony Playstation Video
St Vincent "Marrow" Music Video (Aug 2009)
Role: Wife/Mom
Director: Terri Timely Inc.
Training Video (Jun 2009)
Role: Human Resources VP
Organization: ELT, Inc
Nexium Training Video (May 2009)
Role: Office Manager
Organization: AstraZeneca
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