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Full Intro: marlonesha Shakur

Introducing... marlonesha Shakur

Nesha Born September 12th 1993. Lives in Sacramento CA. A individual that is always striving to be the best she can be at all times. Watching movies and going to different auditions made me think and know I can become a actress. Ready for whatever. I’m willing to take any role giving to me. I don’t have a agent at the time but I’m really trying to get one. Sacramento doesn’t have a lot of auditions or a lot of agents. but have the transportation to come to Los Angeles to show what I’m good at is available. i can play almost any role. Right now I’m willing to take any opportunity to get my acting career started. Every audition I been to they always make you pay to be to show your talent in front of agents. My mom told me if somebody wanted me as a actress then they will accept you and can you can pay the money later. I truly believe that so at the moment i don’t have a lot of money to be giving to agencies. but once I start acting and I get money the management or agency can get the money back they paid for to pay for to help my acting career.

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