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Red Branch Theatre Company

9130-I Red Branch Rd.
Columbia, MD 21045 USA
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Youth Theatre
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Red Branch Theatre Company - The interaction between music and theatre is the company’s foundation and inspiration. Red Branch Theatre Company is dedicated to fostering a love of theatre in its audience... more

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    Past Events

01/22/11 - 01/24/11 2011 Season Auditions - Red Branch Theatre Company Audition
04/17/11 - 04/17/11 Web of Deceit - Baltimore Playwrights Festival Audition
12/03/11 - 12/06/11 Next to Normal - AREA PREMIERE! Audition
09/13/12 - 09/13/12 Red Branch Theatre Company Pinocchio Auditions Audition
11/20/12 - 12/12/12 Casting Call for [title of show] Audition
06/01/13 - 06/03/13 Casting Call for tick, tick... BOOM! and Dear Edwina Audition
06/14/13 - 06/12/13 TYA Teen Professionals Present Songs for a New World Event
08/24/13 - 08/24/13 Red Branch Red Hot Cabaret Series Presents Stumbling Upon Happiness II with Wendy Baird Event
12/02/13 - 12/03/13 Casting Call - Last Five Years and john & jen Audition
04/04/14 - 04/26/14 The Last Five Years Event
04/18/14 - 05/03/14 john & jen Event
06/13/14 - 06/22/14 TYA Teen Professionals Present GHOST the musical Event

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