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Cabaret or The Gondoliers

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Cabaret or The Gondoliers

Postby sim_oholic on Mon Nov 26, 2007 3:52 pm

So I'm still debating which one of these two shows I should audition for but if I do I was wondering if anyone knew any good audition songs for either for a male. The Gondoliers is a light opera. Really out of the box for me. But if you have any good ideas let me know please!
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Re: Cabaret or The Gondoliers

Postby britluvvie on Thu Nov 29, 2007 6:26 am

Depends on a lot !
What music do you like to sing ?Ususlly young people prefer Cabaret and older people Gondoliers - but that's a generalisation, and as we all know, all generalisatinos are wrong !
Are you auditioning for 'company' or a specific part ? If its 'company', pick any song you think will show off your voice at its best - but remember not to push the boundaries of your range in audition.
What range of voice do you have ? Here are a few ideas for parts and audition pieces -

Marco (Tenor) - Take a Pair of Sparkling Eyes (youngish)
Giuseppe (Baritone) - Rising Early in the Morning (youngish)
Duke of Plaza Toro (Baritone) - In Enterprise of Martial Kind (fast patter)
Don Alhambra (Bass-Baritone) - I Stole the Prince (middle aged)

MC (Tenor) - Wilkommen (any age)
Herr Shultz (High Baritone) - Heiraten (middle aged)

Not that I should bias you one way or the other but, after XX years in theatre, I recently stepped out of my 'comfort zone' and I'm relishing every moment of the new experience.
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