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You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

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You're A Good Man Charlie Brown

Postby perfervid_heart on Wed Mar 05, 2008 8:39 pm

I attend a small, private school of just over four hundred kids (that's PreK-12). We're desperate to do a musical (there have been quite a few disasters in the past). However, this time we are trying to put together a much more committed, talented team. We've been discussing what show to put on. You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, and we all agreed it could be manageable. We'd like to use as many people as possible. A lot of the elementary kids would be really cute, I think, in helping out with the ensemble. In the middle school and high school, we could probably scramble together 13-17 actors, but there are definitely more willing to help out backstage. Funding shouldn't be a huge problem.

Basically...I'm asking if it sounds reasonable enough. There's probably 5 of us that are trained singers. There are others that are good singers. They just haven't trained. We have the option of using a recording or using a piano for the music (I personally, think the first is a better idea. Our music teacher is awful. It's a group of students and three of the english teachers that are working on this.). I just wanted some opinions....
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