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Little Women

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Little Women

Postby puffins4me12337644811747753822 on Sun Oct 11, 2009 11:49 am

Does anyone know the character breakdown for this show? What lead roles are there? What are the vocal parts that go with them?
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Re: Little Women

Postby anisa on Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:38 am

The four march sister:Jo,AMy,Meg, and Beth are all leads, although Jo is the main character. Laurie and Prof. Bhaer are the male leads. Marmee is also a lead. Supporting roles include:Aunt March, Mr. Laurence, and Ms. Kirk. also, the ensemble is the operatic tragedy characters. it is an amazing musical!i was just in it and it was the best theatre experience!

Jo – A passionate young woman. This is her story and her journey. The story centers around her life, from the Christmas that it all started, to the publishing of Little Women and her engagement to Professor Bhaer.
Laurie(Theodore Laurence III) – A young, and often hopeless, boy-next-door. He loves Jo dearly during Act One, but quickly is rejected when he proposes. He later travels to Europe and meets, Amy, who he falls in love with.
Meg – The oldest sister. Yearns for a great life. She has twins during the course of the Musical, and marries John Brooke.
Amy – The young and rather whiney individual, she has a rather pompous manner, and by that, she rides into society. She marries Laurie.
Beth – The second youngest sister. Dies of Scarlet Fever. She is a peace-maker, and always sees the good in everyone.
Marmee – The strong mother. She is the backbone of the family. Her songs show how truly trying this is, however.
Mr.John Brook – Laurie's Tutor, a rather stiff man, but capable of showing emotion. Marries Meg.
Mr. Laurence - Laurie's grandfather. He is a stiff elderly man, but he eventually shows his softer side.
Professor Bhaer – A German man, 35, who falls in love with Jo.
Mrs. Kirk – The owner of the Boarding House at which Jo stays.
Aunt March – An old woman who is the Matriarch of the March Clan. She is very rich, but apparently close to death, revising her will toward the end of the play.

In Operatic Tragedy(a play Jo has written)
Rodrigo--A character in Operatic Tragedy
Clarissa--A character in Operatic Tragedy
Braxton--A character in Operatic Tragedy
Troll--A character in Operatic Tragedy
Hag--A character in Operatic Tragedy
Knight--A character in Operatic Tragedy
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