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Jesus Christ Superstar

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Jesus Christ Superstar

Postby ladylorca on Fri Jul 13, 2007 3:11 pm

Music by Andrew Lloyd Weber
Lyrics by Tim Rice
Directed by Kevin Moriarty
Carl Anderson as Judas
Sebastian Bach as Jesus
Natalie Toro as Mary Magdalene
Victor Brox as Caiaphas, High Priest
Lee Stewart as Annas
John Gustafson as Simon Zealotes
Chris Adams as Pontius Pilate
Scott Adams as Peter
Doug Samson as King Herod

Choreographer - David Wilder,
Musical Director - Craig Barna (Peter Pan)
Scenic Designer - Peter J. Davison,
Costume Designer - Roger Kirk (42nd Street)
Lighting Designer Mark McCullough
Sound Designers - Jon Gottlieb and Phil Allen. Davison, Kirk and McCullough all designed the Broadway staging at the Ford Center for the Performing Arts.
The Band:
Bruce Rowland - Drums, percussion
Craig Barna - Piano, Electric Piano, Synthesizer
Greg Shubinsky - Acoustic guitar
Alex Scavo - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Tony Johnson - Rhythm Guitar
Dirk Lewis - Tenor Sax
John Burdon - Horns
Allen Franco - Horns

At the Orpheum Theatre
910 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis (612) 339-7007

Reviewed by Ellen Dworsky and Roxanne Sadovsky
Jumping Jesus! Thanks to Theatre Live!, it's fair to say that Elle and I have walked all stations of the musical cross. Last year at this time, we went to see Fiddler on the Roof, which lead to our love-hate relationship with the mighty Orpheum and the childhood trauma evoked for me by its big production musicals. In order to recover, we hit mainly fringe productions for the summer. A year later and all the more enlightened, we were once again called to prayer by the Orpheum's "Broadway in Minneapolis" kick off series with my all-time favorite "Jesus Christ Superstar". It's good to be back on the red carpet.

In preparation for seeing Jesus (his fourth coming for me), I'd been listening to the soundtrack repeatedly. The musical montage does the same thing to me as a hit of Ecstasy does to twenty-something gay men at Mardi Gras. In fact, in the heat of a Weber-induced passion, I often wonder to myself if I am a gay man.


• Philip Toubus, who played Peter in the 1973 film adaptation, went on to become a successful adult film star under the name Paul Thomas.

• Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach portrayed Jesus in a touring 2002-2003 theatrical production.

• Ian Gillan was invited to participate in the 1973 film adaptation but decided he’d be better off touring with Deep Purple.

• Alice Cooper sang the part of King Herod on a 1996 London cast recording but never appeared onstage.

• The opera was created as an album before ever being staged. The hit songs “Superstar” and “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” helped convince theaters to take a chance on the potentially controversial show.

• “Iron Chef” chairman Takeshi Kaga portrayed Jesus in a Japanese stage production.

• A religious group bombed a theater in South America that screened the 1973 film.

• The role of Jesus requires a tenor with a range of low B-flat to high E.
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