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Updating an organization's profile

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Updating an organization's profile

Postby Sticks on Mon May 11, 2009 11:21 pm

I noticed that when I signed in as an individual for StageAgent I could change information about the organization to which I belong. Shouldn't that not be permitted. Shouldn't only those authorized from the organization be allowed to edit information about the organization. If we sign up for StageAgent, aren't we signing up as individuals, not as representatives of the organization?

Also, I noticed that when one fills out their individual profile, it only allows for experience and acting roles. What about adding something for other who are not actors, such as, directors, stagemanagers, lighting operators and lighting designers, sound operators and sound designers, set construction, etc.

If StageAgent is going to promote theatre, it should include all aspects of theatre...both front and backstage.

Just a thought.
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