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r made contact as Neil lost

Postby kaisy on Fri Oct 18, 2013 2:09 am

He is beloved, that much is clear. On Twitter, on Facebook, on storefronts and in sports bars, Calgary Flames fans expressed support for Jarome Iginla - the player theyd watched grow from an 18-year-old boy to a 35-year-old captain, whose jersey theyd worn with pride for so many years. It didnt seem to matter that hed been traded to a team that will, very likely, make a much deeper Cup run than their own; that fans in Pittsburgh will get to claim him as theirs; that he was leaving by choice. There was barely so much as an ounce of resentment. "So sad to see him go, but could not be happier he is going to the Pens," tweeted one fan. "Jarome Iginla is an absolute class act," tweeted another. "Hope he wins his well-deserved Cup in Pits." That sentiment was common on Twitter, with many adopting the hashtag #ThankYouIggy to share messages of appreciation. Calgary hockey fans werent the only ones using Twitter to express support. The Calgary Flames sent a message to the Pittsburgh Penguins from their official account, saying "You now have another living legend in your midst. Take care of our captain. Signed, Calgary." Even Prime Minister Stephen Harper got in on it, tweeting, "Jarome Iginla is a class act, a proud Canadian, and an all-time Flames great. Thanks for everything, Jarome." The abundance of support seemed to have to do as much with Iginlas on ice-efforts as his off-ice ones, with fans reminiscing about both the hockey player and the human being. A local Lululemon store even changed their storefront to include mannequins in Flames jerseys with the wording, "Iginla + Crosby= Stanley" and "We Will Miss You. Go Find Stanley," written on the glass. Why? "Because hes a big part of our community. Were really sad to see him go but were really supportive of his career," said Katie, a store employee. David Fida, general manager of Melrose, a bar on the famed Red Mile, shares that sentiment. "Hes been such a great advocate and good supporter of the community on and off the ice," he said. "Hes done so much for Calgary in his years being here that hes built such loyalty and such a fan base. Fans arent angry at him for leaving; they want him to have that opportunity to win a Cup." "Hes always been such a class act. Hes easily approachable, well-spoken and one heck of a hockey player," said Ben DAndrea, a Calgary resident and longtime Flames fan. "Im happy to see him get another shot at a cup. Everyone here is rooting for him and secretly hoping that well see him back before he retires." Iginlas goodbye press conference did, at times, feel like a retirement, something the hockey star himself noted more than once. It wasnt, though, and within the next few days fans will get their first glimpse at a new reality- Iginla in black and gold- but that wont stop fans like Fida from wearing their Jarome Iginla sweaters- the red, black and gold edition. "Im going to wear that jersey, even with his number on it, very proudly to every game," he said. "To me its not a waste of a jersey." Not a waste because Iginla, through his play and his character, has become a figure that those in Calgary love to root for and though theyll always root for their Flames, you can bet that on games nights therell be some Penguins jerseys in the crowd that werent there before, with Iginla written across the back. Elite Pat Angere Jersey . The end of this mess of a season for the Minnesota Twins still mattered to the veteran right-hander, who wanted no part of 100 losses. Elite T.Y. Hilton Jersey . -- Anthony Rizzo grounded out to first base in each of his first four plate appearances. ... Cn-94.html . Catch the action live on TSN, beginning at 7pm et/4pm pt. Despite winning four of their last five games, the Maple Leafs are fighting to stay alive in the Eastern Conference playoff race. Elite Coby Fleener Jersey . Neil headed to the dressing room in Game 3 and didnt return after a hit from Pittsburghs Brooks Orpik. The Penguins blueliner made contact as Neil lost his balance on his shift. "I was going down and I was in a vulnerable position and he gave me an extra shove, which I picked up speed going into the boards," Neil explained on Tuesday. Colts Johnny Unitas Jersey . A ponderous field-position struggle resulted in only three field goals going into the fourth quarter.FRISCO, Texas -- Jackson scored a second-half goal and assisted on assisted on another in FC Dallas 2-0 victory over Real Salt Lake on Saturday night. Jackson scored in the 81st minute after he stole the ball from goalkeeper Josh Saunders outside of the goalies box and tapped a shot into the centre of the net. Saunders dribbled out of the net attempting to make a clearance before Jackson came around the left side to makke the steal.dddddddddddd In the 71st minute, Jackson helped give FC Dallas the lead with a volley over the head of Salt Lakes Lovel Palmer. Fabian Castillo took possession of the pass outside the penalty area before dribbling around Palmer and firing a shot from about 15 yards into the left corner of the net. FC Dallas is 3-0 at home this season and 3-1-0 for the season. Real Salt Lake dropped to 1-2-1. ' ' '
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