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Xolo A500S IPS Price in India, Xolo A500S IPS with 4 inch sc

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Xolo A500S IPS Price in India, Xolo A500S IPS with 4 inch sc

Postby elvina on Fri Nov 15, 2013 4:16 am

The high growth potential in entry level smartphone segment is focus of all mobile players in India. Xolo A500S IPS is latest smartphone which has been launched into this segment. Like other smartphone in this category, Xolo A500S IPS price is also quite low at Rs. 6890 which even students can afford to pay. Xolo A500S IPS features like 1.3GHz dual core processor, 4 inch IPS display screen and X themes which will attract users who need stylish look on their smartphone.

Xolo A500S IPS may not be having features which can match high end smartphone but definitely its features will ensure its users get very good user experience. It comes with 1.3GHz dual core processor which is quite powerful and even better than what most other smartphone in the market have. Xolo A500S IPS processor is strong enough for giving good speed for games, video streaming and even multi tasking. These are the normal applications users will be using on a entry level smartphone.

Xolo A500S IPS price has declined from its original price which was Rs. 7249 at the time of its launch. This is due to increasing competition among the online shopping portals which are selling this smartphone at discount of 5-10 percent. Xolo A500S IPS price is expected to come down in the range of Rs. 6,250 which will further improve its affordability among target users and also its competitiveness in the market.

Xolo A500S IPS features 4 inch screen (similar to Xolo A500L features) which is average when it comes to its size and comparing it with other smartphone in similar price range. However it comes with 233 ppi display which will enhance its capability to give very clear view of the images, videos and other content even to the farthest detail. Xolo A500S IPS comes with IPS display which is rarely seen screen in a low cost smartphone in Indian market. In this way, when we critically examine the features of this smartphone, they prove this smartphone quite better over competitors in Indian market. For better features, have a look at XOLO Q800 X-Edition features list.
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