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Legendary Radio City Rockettes

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Legendary Radio City Rockettes

Postby jersey boys on Thu Sep 09, 2010 1:15 am

Dancing for an average of almost 20 hours per week ever since the age of 3 years old might seem to be an exaggeration but it is not. In fact it has paid off for one Ahwatukee Foothills girl who had gone out into the world to dance and she ended up becoming a legendary Radio City Rockette.
While she had been attending the prestigious Arizona State University, Stacy Paydo had also started to teaching for almost 20 hours per week at the Victoria's Dance Depot that is situated in Ahwatukee. She was an instructor for not only the genres of jazz and ballet but also for hip-hop and tap dancing.
If it hadn’t been for the strict rules regarding the gender restrictions, the popular fashion guru named Nick Verreos could easily have made it into the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes' famous Tiller line. Nick had been an ex contestant on the reality Television show that had been titled "Project Runway."
Holly Grubb Smith has been dancing ever since she had been five years old and her mom had signed up on her behalf for the Ray Hollingsworth Dance Studio that is situated in Jamestown. This had been back in the year1978 where she had had the chance to study with Hollingsworth for almost 17 years and in the end she became an instructor herself.
After she had graduated from college, Smith had begun her career as a professional dancer and had given several performances and toured all around the world. Get your cheap radio city rockettes tickets before they sold out.
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