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Star Spangled Girl - Neil Simon - HELP needed with script!!

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Star Spangled Girl - Neil Simon - HELP needed with script!!

Postby GeorgeGirl on Mon Dec 13, 2010 2:50 pm

Hello All,

I am desperately trying to find a copy of the full script for Neil Simons 'Star Spangled Girl' I am based in the UK & I am really struggling to get hold of it here, although it seems available in the USA. I have a LAMDA acting exam this weekend and although I have got and learned the Mr Cornell monologue, plus a extra part where Sophie is talking to Andy about the situation (& how she represented her country in Japan) in order to make the monologue long enough for the exam.

I cannot seem to find a full copy of the play though anywhere (I obtained the above from a collection of Neil Simon monologues) I don't even know how many acts the play has and I will be asked in depth questions about it.

I am running out of time rapidly and I am getting desperate! If anyone on here can be of any help whatsoever in giving me advice on where I can get a copy of the script, ideally if I could download it (due to the lack of time factor) that would be great, I am happy to buy it online, if anyone knows a site where this is possible?

Alternatively, if anyone has studied this play and can give me a more in depth synopsis on it and its characters, I would be extremely grateful.

I hope to hear from you soon & thanks in advance,

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