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How can i stop eating chocolate?

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How can i stop eating chocolate?

Postby DOLL on Sat Dec 22, 2012 2:12 am

I can't stop myself, it's insane! This week i've already eaten 3 chocolate oranges, 2 toblerones (400g), 2 boxes of match makers, a box of cadbury's fingers and a box of after eights. No matter how hard i try to NOT eat chocolate, i always get to the evening or night and i feel like "it's been a long day, i think i deserve a treat" and that's when it gets out of hand. I honestly do have busy, tiring days but i feel like i reward myself too generously, but at the moment i always feel like i deserve it. I've never been this bad with chocolate, i've always been a bit of a fatty, but this is something new. If i keep it up, there's no doubt i'll hasten my journey towards diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, not to mention putting on more weight.

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