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Postby emilie on Wed May 28, 2008 8:07 pm

Hello, um..I have a question, heh...

I've been taking vocal lessons for almost five years now, and have been doing singing recitals for that long too.
People say I'm a good singer, but when I'm singing at home all by myself, I sound much better..

It's confusing home I can singing higher notes, and it just sounds better, but when I'm around people or my teacher, I just sound different and can't hit those higher notes as well.

I know it's probably just a psychological thing, but is there anything I can do to overcome this fear of some sort?
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Re: Singing..troubles?

Postby singer on Sat May 31, 2008 12:10 pm

Hi Emilie,

I used to have your same problem. It's part psychological and bigger part practice. People might have all sorts of suggestions but what works like a gem for me is this: You have to practice and memorize a song so much that by the time you perform it, it's as natural as breathing. Once you have memorized a song on your own, remember that you will be 5xs as nervous when you have to perform it in front of other people. That's 5xs the likelihood you will forget lines, choke on the high notes, tense up etc. That means you have to practice & memorize it 5xs better before you go on stage!

The goal is that by the time you perform a song, you just open your mouth and it comes out naturally with little thought. If you are at all nervous about your song, it will affect your tone and kill your high notes.

Break a leg! :D
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