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Nunsense auditions. help me please

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Nunsense auditions. help me please

Postby Colette on Sat May 30, 2009 4:41 pm

ok so here is the story. my drama teacher is a lil on the crazy mean side and since this is her last year teaching, she decided to do something really odd and annoying! she has decided to do a really small cast of 5 people for our high school musical, Nunsense. I really want the role of sister mary amnesia, but i have never gotten a lead role in my life. its my senior year and i really want to do well. im not a bad actress or singer or dancer, im actually really good at all of those things. its just that i sometimes kinda bomb the auditions... ok maybe not bomb it, but apparently not do well enough. my previous audition experiences shot my confidence alot! for a past audition for "the wiz" she forgot my name on the cast list... she said it was a really big cast and forgot alot of people. then i auditioned for "annie" i did very well in the auditions but just recovered from mono (eww gross. worst time of my life) and when i went to check the list, i looked at all of the cast names... didnt see my name. then i looked at the tech names... i didnt see my name there either. my teacher said she didnt want me to go through a relapse again. but im still not sure i can do this. oh and another thing that is counting against me is that my teacher doesnt like me very much. i havent done anything to make her hate me but i dont suck up to her like her teachers pets. i treat her like i treat all of my other teachers. (respectful)

ok so thats it... i think... i need alot of help and advice. i would take any role, but my friend said that i would rock at Amnesia and i think she is funny. soooooooo help me please!!!!!
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