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What a good first used car to buy for commuting college stud

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What a good first used car to buy for commuting college stud

Postby malik on Mon Oct 07, 2013 12:58 am

I'm 22 years old college student and i need a used car for campus when i start clinicals for nursing next semester, im currently working partime 8.25/hr mon,wed,fri and weekend. I just started so I won't be on fulltime for awhile. I'd like to get an Honda civic but what are some other lst time buyer cars. I've looked at carmax, but theres no way I could make that kind of money in a few months. I don't want something too old, its already 2013, I need this car to last me through 2016 when i graduate from school. I don't have any credit, I plan to buy the car outright and the only money I have saved is from the job I have on campus that I just started Monday. I need this car before mid-Jan of next year. Any car suggestions or ideas would be apprecitated!!! Thanks
used honda accord
used honda civic
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