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Soprano Audition Songs

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Soprano Audition Songs

Postby singingreallyhigh on Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:50 pm

I need a song I can sing for an audition. I have a large range (Quite comfortable from E3 to E6, though I can go higher without relatively too much effort) and I would like to show it off as I'm not auditioning for any role, but for a talent competition my school is having for it's 80th reunion. I need to learn it rather quickly, by the 2nd week of October. I would rather it not be too technically difficult, that is, advanced. I'll have my voice teacher to help me with it, but I've only been taking lessons for about 8 months. I can do operatic or Broadway type songs, and I would like songs where I can get piano sheet music, although you can usually get it online somewhere.


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