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Outsourcing IT activities?

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Outsourcing IT activities?

Postby DOLL on Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:45 pm

Hi all, I am thinking of setting up a company but cant be bothered with all the headache that you get with general IT hardware and network activities - all I want to do is take on staff, and provide them with hardware to get on with the day job - the hardware and software should be provided by the IT outsourcer - should link to a secure network - so all staff can email, work on files, use network folders, check the Internet etc all in secure and comprehensive manner, as well as let the IT outsourcer do all the usual IT management activities (ie, manage software, help desk issues, etc) - do you happen to know any companies that offer these services (ie, outsourced IT services) - website details would also be great! Thanks in advance!
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