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Caring For Recued Wildlife, PETCHABURI

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Caring For Recued Wildlife, PETCHABURI

Postby albanobrito on Mon Apr 29, 2013 2:11 am

We have a Wildlife Rescue Center program and an Elephant Refuge Program. In both programs the volunteers help prepare and hand out the food, clean the enclosures and provide other assistance where required on the project.
At the Wildlife Center program you get the chance to learn about many different species of wildlife, and get to know the stories behind the animals. We have a strict hands-off policy with the animals, but you do get the chance to get to know their individual behavior and quirks.

At the Elephant Refuge Program you help take care of the elephants with the permanent staff. This involves preparing the fruit bowls, harvesting the banana trees and pineapple plants, cleaning their enclosures, and, the most fun, showering the elephants and taking them on their walks. After their hard life we can’t be hands on with all of the elephants, but you do get a chance to really get to know each individually.

Additional daily activities include rotating house duty, taking care of all the dogs and odd jobs that need to be done.

The programs are run by experienced volunteer coordinators who speak English.
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