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performing a monologue - HELP!!

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performing a monologue - HELP!!

Postby dminorv7 on Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:08 pm

I've just started doing musical theater, and for my latest audition, I have to perform a monologue....something I've not yet had to do. I have the monologue picked out..."I Cannot Love a Weak Man" from Patter for the Floating Lady. Since this takes place while the woman is being levitated by a magician, would it be appropriate for the monologue to be performed while I am lying outstretched on chairs to simulate levitation? Everything I read about monologues says you walk out, stand there and recite the monologue and walk back off stage. But it just wouldn't make sense for me to be standing there, moving around, while doing this piece. Maybe I'm just nuts. Any suggestions?
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