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"The Working" by Steven Schwartz?

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"The Working" by Steven Schwartz?

Postby hewittdy on Sat Aug 18, 2007 12:46 pm

Is anyone familiar with this musical? At my High School last year we put on "High School Musical", but I heard from the Drama Club director she has "The Working" in mind. I trust Schwartz after falling in love with "Wicked," but I've never heard of "The Working" and feel like what we worked for last year with selling out all three performances will be lost this year with "The Working."

Well, it's not my decision, so if you're familiar with it, can someone tell me if what I should audition for? I'm a bass/baritone and looking for a semi-lead to lead role? I would like a solo, but if that's not in the job description it's okay. Thanks for helping me out!
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Re: "The Working" by Steven Schwartz?

Postby Annie on Mon Aug 20, 2007 12:03 pm

I'm pretty sure that you are referring to Working the Musical by Schwartz and Taylor. Do not expect it to be like Wicked by any means. This show is based on a book in which the author interviewed several people in various work places. Not everyone sings and there are a bunch of monologues. For the most part the characters will not interact with each other. This is a great ensemble show and when done right it can also have some high energy moments. You can rent a version of the show through Netflix, however it is pretty bland. I much preferred the live version I saw a few years ago.

The roles available for a male baritone are: Mike Dillard (Baritone)- Ironworker; ROBERTO NUNEZ (Baritone/Tenor)-
Boxboy and Migrant Worker; FRANK DECKER & DAVE (Rock Baritone/Tenor)-Truckers; Joe Zutty (Baritone)-
Retiree, Older Character.

Non-singing male roles: Rex Winship- Corporate Executive; CONRAD SWIBEL UPS- delivery man; Tom Patrick-
Fireman; CHARLIE BLOSSOM- Ex-copy boy

Good luck!

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Re: "The Working" by Steven Schwartz?

Postby broadwaybound on Sun Sep 16, 2007 9:17 pm

I am actually doing this show right now. It is strictly an ensemble piece, no leads. There are a variety of composers in order to reflect the different styles of the professions. There are many opportunities in this show, which is great. There are a few great female solos, as well as mens. There are many straight acting parts as well. The only trouble with it is that some of the music sounds a little dated, but that can be worked around. I actually haven't heard the new recording. You can get it at In this new LA theatre works production the lyrics have been updated as well as a new song added, one cut, and newer/updated characters. The video put out by Public Television was directed by Stephen Schwartz, and is quite blah. The show can be done much better than that. The show has potential if it is done right. Luckily my director has a great vision for the show. We are trying to break away from the molds for the show. It says at the beginning of the script that the parts are to be done like normal people, not too musical theater like. I disagree with this because that can be blah. I think the show should be reaching as far as possible with still holding on to that bar of truth. It should be interesting, not put you to sleep. This show is more like Stephen Schwartz stuff before Wicked. Lots of the Godspell cast members were recycled. I personally don't care for most of the people's voices, but I think I can be done well. Good Luck!
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