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Postby hewittdy on Thu Dec 06, 2007 4:00 pm

So, my High School is putting on Damn Yankees this spring and auditions are after Christmas Break.

I'm a baritone and a sophomore and a great dancer and singer (not to be cocky, or anything ;) ).
There are:
Three senior tenors, two of which are both amazing dancers and singers
One sophomore tenor who's HORRIBLE at dancing but has good vocals
Two basses (one junior, one senior, both OK at dancing and singing).

I'm incredibly unfamiliar with the show, although I hear there are some really good male parts. If you have the time could you possible predict/cast the people I mentioned above? I know, it'll be so inaccurate since you've never seen then perform, but what it really comes down to is who should I audition for?

I did some research, and I really want Joe Hardy. Do you think I'd be able to get it with my competition?

Thanks for the input! :D
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Postby thewired1 on Sun Dec 09, 2007 9:53 am

Depending on how your school works, I'm guessing that one of the seniors will end up being Joe Hardy. He's a lead, but he's only got one fun song to sing & dance.

I just directed this show and as far as men go, the really fun roles to play are Mr. Applegate, Rocky & Smokey. Applegate only sings in "Those were the Good Old Days" but it's a show stopper. Rockey & Smokey steal the show nearly every time they're on stage.

FYI: My Joe Hardy was begging to be added into the mens group numbers, especially "The Game" because it was so much fun.
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Postby travis1990 on Sun Dec 09, 2007 11:11 am

i was in this show one year ago and if you want to be joe go for it. it's a great role but to be honest the best roles are found in the baseball teams. i would go for either rocky or smockey if i were you.

you said you were a dancer in my production joe realy didn't dance. the baseball team does a lot of dancing and has alot of fun.
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Postby kevinpatrickmartin on Mon Dec 10, 2007 12:51 pm

I agree with what others have said. I just did 'Damn Yankees' at my school this past spring and I played Smokey. It's a great part because you get to sing, act and dance. 'Heart' is an awesome number if it is staged well and 'Shoeless Joe' and 'The Game' are also great if they're done well. Joe doesn't get to be in ANY of those numbers, so being one of the ball players is much better in my opinion. :lol:
I also got to dance in 'Who's Got the Pain' with three other dancers as well as 'Two Lost Souls' which was done as a Fosse number in the nightclub. I couldn't have been cast in a better role. If you really want to have fun while being able to both sing and dance, definitely go for either Rocky or Smokey!!
you can see some pictures from our show at:
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