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Family Friendly Musical for Young People w/big ensemble

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Family Friendly Musical for Young People w/big ensemble

Postby choreographer82 on Tue Jul 29, 2008 9:27 am

Hey all,
The community theatre in my hometown just finished their "Theatre for Young People" fundraiser show they do in the summer (this year was "High School Musical" and it was a phenominal hit!). They were thinking of what show to do next summer (they wanted to do "Hairspray" but apparently couldn't get rights.) You all here seem to always have great suggestions, so I figured I'd enlist your help. (The past three years have been "Joseph....", "Beauty & the Beast", & "Wizard of Oz".
The show needs to be family friendly as well as something that will draw a crowd and has potential for a big ensemble. Let me know if you think of anything. Thanks!

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