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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Synopsis and Character Descriptions

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Characters
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Name Gender Vocal Part Age Range Role Type
Tom Sawyer male 13 – 16 lead
Huckleberry Finn male 13 – 18 lead
Aunt Polly female 35 – 55 supporting
Sid Sawyer male 12 – 16 supporting
Reverend Sprague male 35 – 55 supporting
Lemuel Dobbins male 35 – 60 supporting
Muff Potter male 35 – 60 supporting
Injun Joe male 30 – 50 supporting
Becky Thatcher female 13 – 16 supporting
Widow Douglas female 50 – 80 supporting
Pap male 40 – 55 supporting
Ben Rogers male cameo
George Bellamy male cameo
Lyle Bellamy male cameo
Joe Harper male cameo
Alfred Temple male cameo
Arne Lawrence male cameo
Lucy Harper female cameo
Susie Rogers female cameo
Sabina Temple female cameo
Sally Bellamy female cameo
Serene Harper female cameo
Lucinda Rogers female cameo
Naomi Temple female cameo
Doc Robinson male 35 – 60 cameo
Lanyard Bellamy male cameo
Gideon Temple male cameo
Judge Thatcher male 40 – 60 cameo

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