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Full Intro: symoy somie

Introducing... symoy somie

Hi my name is Symoy Somie,Im 14 years old in the 9th grade.
When I was younger I use to dance for 2 years. I started when i was 10 and i did Tap, and Ballet, and from there i did Hip-hop & Jazz.which i really enjoy Hip-hop and Jazz the most. Because your moving your body alot and its really alot of fun,and a great work out at the same time!!. My favorite color is green, i love to put a smile on peoples face and make there day when there down. Im mixed with Jamaican,Indian,Hispanic and Black. I only been to Jamaica twice in my life with my dad in St.Lucia which he is from there and My mom is from L.A. California i have only visit there once and it was amaizing my aunty took my and my little brother to Hollywood and could not beleive that we was actually there. So thats me!! =)

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