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Resume: Thomas Johnson
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Thomas Johnson
541 SE Avenue F, Belle Glade, FL 33430, USA
Ph: 954-662-5191

Age – 22

Height – 6 feet 3 inches / 191 cm

Hair – Black

Eyes – Brown

Body Type – Athletic

Ethnicity – Black/African, Native American, Other


Vocal Range – Baritone

Singing – Musical Theater, Pop, Jazz, Singing in the Shower

Dancing – Club, Jazz, Modern, Two left feet

Languages – American English, British English

Acting Workshop (May 2009)
Role: Student
Director: Glen Lawrence
Organization: John Casablancas Modeling and Talent Agency
Gerber (Oct 1992)
Role: Baby
Acting Workshop (Nov 2009)
Role: Student
Organization: Kravis Center
Batman (Jun 2000)
Role: Batman
Pocahontas (Aug 1999)
Role: John Smith
Additional Info
I've done most of my plays in church, school, and auditoriums of various buildings. I have a pretty broad range of dynamics in acting and singing, like various accents and volume. I have never went to any professional acting classes, but I did and currently do have acting classes. Most people, when they see me act, say I'm such a phenomenal actor, that they had no idea that I was that great at acting. I haven't won any real awards like an Academy Award, just a certificate of good performance, my choerographer thinks I could get an Emmy though. I actually suprise myself in my acting sometimes. Most people say that I have a good, rich, solid voice when I sing. My conductor/teacher tells me that I have a natural baritone voice that's really good, but if I try to sing bass i have a husky voice, and if i try to sing tenor my voice is light and thin. I can sing in my head voice though. I am just beginning to dance, so I'm trying get better at dancing. People say I'm ok at dancing. I absolutely love performing though, and I try my best at it.
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