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Full Intro: Vinod Kantha

Introducing... Vinod Kantha

My name is Vinod Kantha and I currently reside in Louisville, Colorado. I'm a strong, passionate person and I inspire myself everyday, I have a lot of what people call character and an enthusiasm and charm that has yet to be rivaled. But ego centrism aside, I like to have fun in anything I'm doing, I'm extremely determined and focused. I also care for people a lot, which is why I like acting, it is a way for me to entertain people and make them happy. Nothing makes me more happy than seeing people smile especially if I was the one to do it. I've aspired to be an actor since I was a wee lad, but I never got the chance until now really. I've done some acting in elementary school and I recently picked it back up in college. More than anything I would like to star in movies and work with some of my favorite actors and directors. I would love to see my name glorified and immortalized like the actors I so admire. Again with the ego, but most of all I would like to know how to get started, I have no idea. Do I need an agent first? Do I just go to auditions? Do I build up a resume first? I want to get my foot in the door and I know this sight will help me. Thank you so much!! I'm looking forward to advancing my career!

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