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  • Cheezecake Boiz & The Diva The Musical
    Posted: August 12, 2013 10:10 PM

    ‘Cheezecake Boiz & The Diva’ – ENGAGEMENT TOUR

    12:53 Entertainment & Ghani Hair Studio, LLC is holding an Open Casting Call for an engagement tour for eight show in 2013. Nicky Buggs, director/choreographer; Rodney Edge music producer, Towonda Kilpatrick creator, writer, lyrics and producer.

     Non-equity, short engagement tour of eight shows!!!

     Musical    Gigs    Non-union   Paid

    Cheezecake Boiz & The Diva is a madcap, comedic musical about image, love and labels! Unleash four coy, charming and unabashedly attractive metrosexual Boiz; secretly hired by an ambitious Maid to transform a selfish, spoiled, superficial Diva into a woman everyone can love.  Their story is told amid a soulful musical drama full of wistful moments and naughty burlesque. The show offers a combustive concoction of ingredients that has you examining what true love is WHILE teaching a Diva how to bake the SEXIEST “cheezecake” ever and showing her how to keep her man HAPPY!

     Tour Facts: Call back will include table read on September 3, 2013; Rehearsal/ Performance dates announcement TBD for Sept/Oct. 2013. The 90-minute show will consist of a short engagement tour, for the purpose of securing a national fall tour in 2014. Cast will be given first choice to rejoin the fall tour.

    Compensation & Non-union Contract Details: Pays $75/wk. for rehearsals; Pays $1000 for seven-day engagement during performance run, plus $35.00 a day per diem, housing & transportation while on tour.

     Open call at the Ghani Hair Studio: 935 Marietta St. NW/Ste. 027/Atlanta, GA 30318

    Saturday, August 31, 2013 at The Ghani Hair Studio in Atlanta. Check – in begins at 10 a.m. and auditions will start at 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Bring/prepare 16 bars of a contemporary musical theatre song.(Acapella or CD music) a Prepare contemporary monologue no more than 2 minutes. Actor’s roles and Josephine Baker Girls role must prepare monologue as well.

    Dancers/Josephine Baker Girls must prepare a choreographed sassy and saucy burlesque dance to original score of Pink Panther no longer than 2:00 minutes.  (Female dancers must have long hair or hair extensions)!  No experience is necessary, but if possible all performers should bring recent headshots and résumés to the open call.

    Producers at 12:53 Entertainment, LLC Are seeking TRIPLE THREATS

    Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.



    Freda Edwards Female, obsessed, jealous, narcissistic, superficial diva obsessed with designer labels and not by love of her fourth husband. She’s a diva waiting to perform in Paris. Transformation comes through learning how to bake a cheesecake, strong singing voice. Lead role. THE ROLE OF THE DIVA WILL BE A CELEBRITIY ACTRESS/SINGER WILL ANNOUNCE AT LATER DAY!    Casting Understudy Role for the Diva.


    Jaxon Edwards The fourth husband of Freda Edwards, an aspiring screenwriter who continuously receives rejection letters from Hollywood for his script. Meanwhile, he is fired from the pet-grooming salon and evicted from the penthouse by Freda. Sale his Blue Print Script and seeks to win his love back. Strong vocalist with power. Supporting role.


    Lexi Montana Life changed for Lexi after her husband Federico died and left her a wealth woman, she moved in the same condo complex as Freda and continue to be her maid. She was challenged to audition for the same role as Freda, she begun to undercover perky princess behavioral. Strong voice with cat fights dialogue, Latina flair. Supporting role.


    Sir Theo Charles III Colorful African American man who moved from the south, now resides in Paris. Flights backs to the south to find his leading lady to star in his debut producer/directorial musical “Diva in Paris.”  He’s uncouth and awkward in humorous ways. Must Sing and some dance. Supporting role.

     Davis Knight This slice of The Cheezecake Boiz who serves as the Producer. He is charming, and his voice will make you excited about being a woman. He will make you a star. He's the one to negotiate your next big deal. Strong voice, some dance. Lead role.

     Jango Van This slice of The Cheezecake Boiz who serves as the Image Consultant. He is whimsical and spontaneous. He razzle-dazzles you with trendy style. He's truly the accessory piece to a diva. Some singing, witty singing, some dance. Lead role.    

    Carter Reed This slice of The Cheezecake Boiz who serves as the Escort. He expresses edgy advice to the diva about submitting to her man in four-inch heels with her mouth shut. Very quick witted. Strong voice, some dance. Lead role.  

     Justin Dean This slice of The Cheezecake Boiz who serves as a marketing genius. He will take away the negative and gives you positive. He will brand and promote you so that people will want to be you. He possesses a dry sense of humor and is very much in love with himself.  Caucasian, Strong voice, some dance. Lead role.

         The Josephine Baker Girls A trio of sexy, glamorous girls that sing like the late     Josephine Baker. They are fashion-forward, vintage divas. Will also be background Singers. Supporting role, all ethnicities.

    The Burlesque Dancer’s Ensemble (Supporting) (3) Males & (3) Females they sashay on the dance floor to engage in story telling with exotic and classic choreography. Ensemble, supporting (3) Males & (3) Females.

     The Boy Friday The Cheezecake Boiz Agency “Do” boy. (Age 20-40 Adult Little Person). A sexy male on roller skates who cleans and takes care of the chores at the Agency.  Supporting role.

     Looking for strong powerful actors, with passionate, soulful Broadway voices. Note this is the first run of this project. No phone calls please.

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