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Full Intro: xiomara estevez

Introducing... xiomara estevez

hello, my name is xiomara estevez and i'm 18 years old, a mezzo-soprano,and aspiring to be an actor/singer. I've been the lead role in every school play (Proud of it!). My dream is to be able to perform on Broadway, dance, sing, basically anything artsy. I'm very culturally mixed; i'm portugese/dominican, and my great grandmother was korean/japanese from my father's side. I love alot of humor in my life, and even though i tend to be very shy, when i open up i'm like a social butterfly. I haven't had much experience with acting because for majority of my childhood i focused on becoming an animation artist, but this year something happened that made me realize what my real passion was. On a whim of my counselor, i auditioned for this program called 'The Possibility Project.' it's a program that raises awareness of serious issues go through like rape, gang violence, drugs, etc. A whole cast of diverse teens are picked based on how much they want and are willing to bring about change, and for a year they create an original musical using true stories that people have gone through in the program. Its avery good program, and just last week from the 23-26 of May my cast performed our show called The writer's block.' I'm still an ameteur and no where near close to making it at Broadway, but this program helped me deal with my problems as well as pick up useful acting skills. The song producer for our cast is Danny Rockett, known for being the understudy of Roger in 'Rent' and a lead role in 'Jesus Christ Super star.' The songs were all original as well as the plot based on our true stories. You can find out more about this program at the

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