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Resume: Yoni Gray
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Yoni Gray

Height – 5 feet 10 inches / 178 cm

Hair – Brown

Eyes – Hazel

Body Type – Athletic

Ethnicity – White/Caucasian, Middle Eastern


Vocal Range – Tenor

Singing – Musical Theater, Pop, Jazz

Dancing – Jazz, Modern

Languages – American English, British English, Japanese, Other

Peter Pan and Wendy (Jun 2013)
Role: Peter Pan u/s, Tootles/Gigi u/s (performed)
Director: Kathryn Chase Bryer
Organization: Imagination Stage
A Clockwork Orange (Oct 2012)
Role: Billyboy
Director: Robert McNamara
Organization: Scena Theatre
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Aug 2012)
Role: Oberon
Director: John Sadowsky
Organization: Maryland Renaissance Festival
Gorgeous Raptors (Jul 2012)
Role: Justin
Director: Lee Mikeska Gardner
Organization: The Disreputables / Capital Fringe Festival
Bankisaga (Apr 2011)
Role: Egil / Odin
Director: Catherine Redfield
Organization: MIT Dramashop
Arms and the Man (Apr 2010)
Role: Petkoff
Director: Michael Ouellette
Organization: MIT Dramashop
Little Shop of Horrors (Jan 2010)
Role: Seymour
Director: Jean Fang
Organization: MIT Musical Theatre Guild
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Dec 2009)
Role: Lysander
Director: Michael Ouellette
Organization: MIT Theater Arts
Bare (Apr 2009)
Role: Peter
Director: Heather Fry
Organization: MIT Musical Theatre Guild
Julius Caesar (Feb 2009)
Role: Cinna, Pindarus
Director: Michael Ouellette
Organization: MIT Dramashop
Force to Overcome Gravity (Dec 2008)
Role: Zwy (originated)
Director: Ashley Micks
Organization: MIT Dramashop
Dirty Hands (Jul 2008)
Role: Hoederer
Director: Kellas Cameron
Organization: MIT Shakespeare Ensemble
SubUrbia (Feb 2008)
Role: Pony
Director: David R Gammons
Organization: MIT Dramashop
The Lion in Winter (Jul 2007)
Role: Henry II
Director: Sabrina Neuman
Organization: MIT Shakespeare Ensemble
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Apr 2007)
Role: Hero
Director: Dawn Erickson
Organization: MIT Musical Theatre Guild
The Merry Wives of Windsor (Jul 2006)
Role: The Host of the Garter Inn
Director: John Bukovec
Organization: Brookdale Summer Shakespeare Ensemble
Equus (Oct 2005)
Role: Nugget, understudy for Alan
Director: Nick Montesano
Organization: NENA Productions Theater Project
A Midsummer Night's Dream (Jul 2005)
Role: Tom Snout / Wall
Director: John Bukovec
Organization: Brookdale Summer Shakespeare Ensemble
Man of La Mancha (Apr 2005)
Role: Anselmo
Director: John Bukovec
Organization: Brookdale Performing Arts Center
Please Marry Me (Aug 2013)
Role: Lead
Director: Kevin Leigh
Organization: Farmer Pig Productions
You're It (Jun 2013)
Role: Supporting
Director: Josh Grabo
Blind Date (May 2013)
Role: Supporting
Director: Ben Powell
Evil Twins (Jul 2013)
Role: Featured
Organization: Sirens Media
Additional Info

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
S.B. in Theater Arts
Acting: Michael Ouellette, Alan Brody, Debra Wise, Kim Mancuso
Voice: Keely Eastley (Linklater system)

Other Training:

Acting: John Bukovec
Shakespeare: Amy Mandelker
Voice: Lara Supan, Shawn Gelzleichter
Dance: Jazz, Lindy Hop, Swing

Special Skills:

Martial Arts (black belt in Kar-Do-Jitsu-Ryu)
Weapons: Bo Staff, Escrima, Katana, Fencing
Rock Climbing up to 5.11a, Bouldering up to V3
Keyboard, Guitar (basic chords)
Accents: British RP, Estuary English, Cockney, Bad Russian (“moose ent sqvirrel”), Pirate
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